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My name is Matthew Martinez and I am the owner of That Appliance Guy. I was born in 1991, here in Cheyenne and I have lived here all of my life. I love it here from the great fishing locations just off of Happy Jack Rd to the Wyoming wind. I wouldn't trade it for the world! I have 3 beautiful daughters, 1 son, and a gorgeous woman soon to be my wife.

The spring of 2015, I bought a truck just for something to work on. Soon I started picking up scrap metal in my spare time off from my full-time job with that truck (with the help of my Father) in order to fund my new project. I thought make the truck pay for its own facelift.

A few months into this endeavor, the prices for scrap metal began to slowly take a turn for the worst world wide. I found myself putting in all this extra work with nothing to show for it. I have a truck, all this metal, (a lot of which was always appliances) and a willingness to work. It was then that I had made the decision. I was no longer going to scrap the appliances, I would learn how to work on them, fix them, and sell them to people who need them for an affordable price.

After being hard at it constantly on my days off for months, I had learned a craft. The timing of learning this craft could not have come at a better moment in my life, because at the age of 24 with 4 children to care for and a loving fiancee I had lost my job. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I firmly believe I was meant to purchase that truck which lead to me scrapping which ultimately lead to me becoming an appliance technician.

March 28th 2016 I started That Appliance Guy. My name is Matthew Martinez and I am the licensed owner of That Appliance Guy. That Appliance Guy is a young business with plenty of knowledge in the appliance repair field. We hope to prosper and grow for many more years to come in this great home of ours.

Meet the team!

Meet the team!


My father, Charles!

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